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Information about the Crown Research Institute Statistics

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Valid From: ..07/01/1992
To: .. Ongoing
Frequency: ..Annually

Purpose: The purpose of the Crown Research Institute (CRI) statistics is to collect financial information relating to income and expenditure of the nine CRIs. Data relating to their assets and liabilities is also collected.

General Information ..Population
All nine CRIs.

Database 'Questionnaires & Forms Database', View '1. By Shoulder No.' NA/CG/1A - Central Government Enterprise Survey

Output Variables

Output variables are pieces of individual information that can be extracted from the survey/output data. Often output variables can be cross tabulated with other output variables, for example sales by industry classification. The list below contains all current and past output variables which have been released for this survey/output.

Variable NameDescription
Government RevenueIncludes revenue received from the Ministry of Research, Science and Technology and the Foundation for Research, Science and Technology. NIWA also receives funding from the Ministry of Fisheries.
SalesSales of goods and services.
Interest RevenueInterest received by the CRIs.
Other IncomeIncludes income from dividends, insurance claims, donations, royalties and patent fees, and bad debts recovered.
Total IncomeThe sum of government revenue, sales, interest revenue and all other income.
Employee CostsIncludes gross earnings of all paid employees, severance and redundancy payments, levies paid to the Accident Compensation Corporation, fringe benefit tax and employer contributions to superannuation, pension and welfare schemes.
DepreciationDepreciation on fixed assets including infrastrucural and restricted assets, buildings, mobile equipment, other plant, machinery and equipment.
InterestInterest paid by the CRIs.
All Other ExpensesIncludes bad debts, donations, royalties and patent fees, business insurance premiums, fringe benefit tax, local authority rates, other local or central government fees and levies, provisions and all other operating costs.
Total Operating ExpensesThe sum of employee costs, depreciation, interest and all other expenses.
Profit/(Loss) on Sales of Fixed AssetsProfit or loss on sales of fixed assets.
Extraordinary ItemsIncludes gains and losses on items outside the normal course of CRI business such as the sale of assets above or below book value, gains or losses on the revaluation of capital assets, gains or losses on extraordinary exchange transactions and infrequent transactions. Extraordinary items are distinct from ordinary operations.
Surplus/(Deficit) before TaxationSurplus or deficit before taxation.
Surplus/(Deficit) after TaxationSurplus or deficit after taxation.
Current AssetsIncludes cash and bank, prepayments, inventory, debtors and receivables.
Other AssetsIncludes intangible and deferred assets.
Current LiabilitiesIncludes creditors and payables and other short-term liabilities.
EquityCapital plus other equity.
Long Term LiabilitiesLong term liabilities.
Total Equity and LiabilitiesThe sum of equity, current liabilities and long term liabilities.
Fixed AssetsBook value of fixed assets including assets operated under finance lease arrangements, and work in progress.
Total AssetsThe sum of current assets, investments, fixed assets and other assets.
Additions to Fixed AssetsPurchase of fixed assets including new and second hand operational, infrastructural and restricted assets. Excludes expenditure on maintenance and on intangible assets such as goodwill.
Disposals of Fixed Assets.Sales of fixed assets including new and second hand operational, infrastructural and restricted assets.

Changes in Output Variables over time

Guide to Interpreting Data

Summary of Changes to Survey/Output ..

Usage and Limitations of the Data ..Analysis of the economic activity of the CRIs.

Data is also used in the compilation of the National Accounts.

Related Data Sources ..Research and Development Survey.

Sampling Errors ..None, as survey is full coverage.

Non-sampling errors

Caveats on Release ..

Customised Output

    Customised output can be provided in the form of tables of financial statistics similar to those presented in the Hot Off the Press.

Catalogue & Reference Numbers

Other Comments

Classification(s) used

Glossary of Terms

Contact Details

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Statistics New Zealand gives no warranty that the information or data supplied contains no errors. However, all care and diligence has been used in processing, analysing and extracting the information. Statistics New Zealand shall not be liable for any loss or damage suffered by the customer consequent upon the use directly, or indirectly, of the information supplied in this product.
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