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Nuiean - Access to amenities

Motor vehicles

  • Niuean people experienced an improvement in motor vehicle access in the decade from 1991. In 2001, 81 percent of Niueans lived in households with access to a motor vehicle – up from 75 percent in 1996 and 69 percent in 1991. The comparable proportions for the Pacific and New Zealand populations in 2001 were 88 percent and 93 percent respectively.
  • In 2001, the New Zealand-born Niuean population had a slightly higher level of household motor vehicle access than those born overseas (83 percent and 78 percent respectively).


  • In 2001, 89 percent of Niuean people lived in households with access to a telephone – slightly above the Pacific population (87 percent). Among the New Zealand population, household telephone access was 95 percent.
  • In 2001, New Zealand-born and overseas-born Niuean people were equally as likely to live in households with telephone access (both 89 percent).
  • Nineteen percent of Niuean people lived in households with access to the Internet in 2001 – a similar level to that of the total Pacific population (20 percent). The equivalent proportion among the New Zealand population was 43 percent.
  • New Zealand-born Niuean people were more likely to live in households with Internet access (21 percent) than overseas-born Niueans (16 percent).

graph - Access to Amenities among the Niuean, Pacific and New Zealand Populations, 2001

Pacific Profiles - Niuean

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