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Pacific Profiles - Niuean

Niuean People in New Zealand

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Niuean People in New Zealand is one of a set of seven profiles on Pacific peoples based on results from the 2001 Census of Population and Dwellings. Comparisons are made between Niuean people born in New Zealand and those born overseas, as well as with the total Pacific and total New Zealand resident populations.

  • In 2001, Niuean people were the fourth largest Pacific ethnic group living in New Zealand, comprising 20,100 or 9 percent of New Zealand’s Pacific population (231,800).
  • The Niuean population increased by 1,700 or 9 percent between 1996 and 2001.
  • In 2001, the median age, or midpoint of the Niuean age distribution, was 19.7 years. By comparison, the median ages for the total Pacific and total New Zealand populations were 21.0 years and 34.8 years respectively.
  • Niuean people born in New Zealand accounted for 70 percent of the total Niuean population in New Zealand in 2001 – up from 57 percent in 1991.
  • In 2001, 28 percent of Niuean people (with a language) were able to hold an everyday conversation in Niuean – down from 32 percent in 1996.
  • Ko e tau 2001, ne kitia ai ko e kautu ke fa aki a Niue he puke tagata mai he atu Pasifika i Niu Silani, ko e 20,100 poke 9 e pasene he puke tagata katoatoa he tau tagata Pasifika (231,800).
  • Ko e 1,700 e tagata Niue, poke 9 e pasene ne malikiti hake ai he vahaloto he tau tau 1996 – 2001.
  • Ko e tau 2001, ne kitia ai ke he fakavahegaaga he tau tau moui he tau tagata Niue, ko e 19.7 e tau he vahaloto (median age), ka fakatatai atu ke he tau tau he vahaloto he puke tagata katoatoa he atu tagata Pasifika mo Niu Silani, ko e 21.0 e tau mo e 34.8 e tau.
  • Mai he puke tagata katoatoa ha Niue i Niu Silani, ko e 70 e pasene ha lautolu ne fanau he motu nei he tau 2001, malikiti hake mai he 57 e pasene he tau 1991.
  • Ko e tau 2001, 28 e pasene he tau tagata Niue ne iloa ke vagahau Niue, to hifo mai he 32 e pasene he tau 1996.

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    Nuiean - Population
    Niuean - Language
    Niuean - Religion
    Niuean - Families and households
    Niuean - Education
    Niuean - Labour force
    Niuean - Unpaid work
    Nuiean - Income
    Niuean - Housing
    Nuiean - Access to amenities

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