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Growing crops in New Zealand

Exports | Land use

  • The main crops grown in New Zealand in 2002 were kiwifruit, wine grapes and apples.
  • Avocados and olives are becoming increasingly important crops, with large increases in plantings recorded in 2002.
  • 42,200 hectares of wheat and 78,100 hectares of barley were sown during the June 2002 year.
  • Outdoor vegetables grown included potatoes, squash, onions and tomatoes.
  • Indoor vegetables crops included tomatoes, capsicums and cucumbers.
Further information: Final results from the 2002 Agricultural Production Census and provisional results from the 2003 Agricultural Production Survey.


  • Exports of fruit, nuts and vegetables earned $1,607 million in the June 2002 year – 5 percent of all export income.
  • Kiwifruit, apples and wine were the most valuable horticultural exports in 2002.
  • Other fruits grown for export include pears, stonefruit and berryfruit.
  • Vegetables exported in 2002 included onions and squash.
  • Other horticultural exports in 2002 included flowers, foliage, plants and seeds.

Major Commodities Exported
Year ended June 2002
Graph  Major Commodities Exported

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Land use

  • Horticultural land use has increased by 6 percent since 1994 to 110,000 hectares at 30 June 2002.

Use of Agricultural Land
At 30 June 2002
Graph Use of Agricultural Land

Horticultural Land by Region
At 30 June 2002
Graph Horticultural Land by Region

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